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About us


Welcome to KEMR-DB: Elkhorn Mountains Digital Radio! We provide coverage of local Jefferson County (Montana) events, including Jefferson High School sports and concerts. Enjoy a slice of a simpler life, originating from the beautiful Elkhorn Mountains of Montana!


Elkhorn Technology


Elkhorn Mountains Radio is a service provided by Elkhorn Technology, Clancy, Montana USA. Elkhorn Technology is a member of the International Association of Digital Broadcasters. We can show you how to start and run your own digital broadcasting service! Tell us how we can help in an email to:


If you or your home office needs some good technical advice, Elkhorn Technology would like to please visit our web site at:, or give us a call at 406-209-8418. Our team has decades of combined experience assisting with home and small buisness offices. In most cases, we can provide our assistance completely by remote access, and sometimes with just a phone call. If you have discovered recently that you need to upgrade your remote home office, we offer excellent computer and network hardware and support. We'd love to hear how we might help.